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Ideal choice for users looking to blow satisfying thick clouds and rich mouth watering flavour. Box mods kits have become the sole choice for users who are into cloud chasing and competitions. Order from the widest range of original Box Mod Vape kits in Pakistan.

What is a vape mod kits?

They are sophisticated vaping devices that deliver power to your tank and coils. They allow you to have custom control over your vaping style as you can choose each component separately.

What is a box mod kits?

It’s a regulated e-cigarette device and mod in the shape of a box. Hence the name. By most vapers, they are considered to be a step up the vape ladder as they are able to provide a powerful throat hit.

Safety Information

Vaping with a vape mod or box mod is certainly something you should hold off on until you’re a little more advanced. Although safe when used correctly, they are much more powerful than standard vape starter kits, and in the wrong hands can make for an unpleasant and off-putting experience.

Put simply, modifying your vape kit can be complex, particularly if you’re still getting your head around the different elements of a vape device. Doing so before you’re ready could lead to damaged elements, and at worst, an uncomfortable vaping experience.

We advise anyone to do their research thoroughly before making any modifications.