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One of the newest options out there, disposable tanks are an exciting and interesting new technology. While there are still only a handful of these on the market, these convenient little options are sure to become increasingly popular in the future. And, as always, when you need the latest and greatest, De Vapours Area is the place to go.

Typically constructed from silicone and acrylic, disposable tanks are designed to skip all the hassle of switching out coils and cleaning your tank. Just use the tank until the coil is done, recycle it, and pop another tank on your mod. Disposable options are a great option for people who want something simpler than a sub-ohm tank or for those who just want to keep some alternatives on hand. For instance, what happens if you drop your vape and that glass tank shatters? Keep a few disposable acrylic tanks on deck and you’ll never have to worry – just vape on these until you can pick up a replacement glass.

These disposable tanks aren’t low quality, either. They’re made by some of the most reputable companies in the business and typically include high-quality mesh coils built in. For a price that is roughly the same as a pack of coils, why not try a disposable tank instead?